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The only recognized non-profit organization in South Africa representing the coffee industry from seed to cup.

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SCASA is fully directed at promoting both the consumption of quality coffees and the recognition of the industry’s employees within Southern Africa. This support spans across the whole spectrum of quality, education, new business methods, employment, training and competitions.

SCASA is proud to be an agent for the World Coffee Events and the World Barista Competition. We make it our duty to oversee and manage the Regional and National Coffee Competitions. We are are committed to arrange for the National South African Barista, Latte Art and Cup Tasters champions to attend the annual World Championships and proudly represent our country.

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What we do

Below are the 3 competitions we do at international standards

Cup Tasters

Coffees of the world have many distinct taste characteristics and in this competition format the objective is for the cupper to discriminate between the different coffees. Three cups are placed in a triangle, with 2 cups being identical coffees and one cup being a different coffee. Using skills of smell, taste, attention and experience, the cupper will identify the odd cup in the triangle as quickly as they can.


Competitors each prepare 4 espressos, 4 milk drinks, and 4 original signature drinks to exacting standards in a 15-minute performance set to music. Baristas are judged based on visual attributes, creativity, identical patterns in the pairs, contrast in patterns, and overall performance.


Latte Art is always a fan favourite. Baristas have 8 minutes to pour their most beautiful and creative milk designs. Baristas are judged on contrast, symmetry, innovation and being able to replicate the pattern.

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