Schedule for the Gauteng Regional Coffee Competition April 14 2016

It's all happening from 3-5 May at the Food & Hospitality Africa Show, Gallagher Estate. The competition will take place at the Tea & Coffee Pavilion and is set to be a fantastic event with baristas from all over Gauteng.

Besides showcasing the best coffee professionals in Gauteng who will be battling each other for the titles in Latte Art, Cup Tasters and Barista competition categories, the SCASA stage will be a vital access point for visitors to learn more about Speciality Coffee in South Africa.

Stop by and watch the competition or take part in one of our demos where you'll get to meet leaders in the coffee industry and talk all things coffee.

So here's what the three days will look like.


Tuesday 3rd May 2016

9am-11am: Cup Tasters Championships Semi Finals  

11am-5pm: Barista Championships Semi Final Round 1

Wednesday 4TH May 2016

9am-11am: Latte Art Championships Semi Finals

11am-4pm: Barista Championships Semi Final Round 2 

4pm - 5pm SCASA AGM. 

Thursday 5TH May 2016

9am - 10am: Cup Tasters Finals

10am -11am: Latte Art Finals

11am - 3.30pm: Barista Championships Finals - Top 6.

4.15pm: Prizegiving. 

We look forward to seeing you there! Baristas if you haven't sent in your application then download it here and send it in asap.