Become a SCASA sponsor in 2016 February 22 2016

We are excited about this year ahead and the coffee competitions leading up to seeing who will be our next SA Barista Champ. For now however we are looking for individuals and companies to come on board as sponsors. There are a number of benefits, so take a look below at the categories you can register as.

Platinum level Sponsors get to have a dedicated space at each show as part of the SCASA Floor plan area. i.e in 2015 Dion Wired as Platinum Sponsor built a pop-up shop and sold stock at the SCASA coffee theaters. 
Gold level Sponsors get to fully-integrate their products into the SCASA Coffee Theatre and competitions ie in 2015 Spar Full Cream Fresh Milk as Gold Sponsor was named as the Official Milk supplier to all SCASA barista Competitions for 2015 and the use of their milk was compulsory in the Latte Art competition, and Spar Full Cream Milk product was on stage throughout the Latte Art event and 80l of Milk was supplied to the Barista practise room at all 5 events in 2015 . 
Silver level Sponsors get to run specific activations at the SCASA Coffee Theatre and competitions .ie in 2015 Monin and Almond Breeze as Silver Sponsors were allocated 1 hour slots as part of the Official SCASA programme on the SCASA main stage - the "Monin Minute" and "Almond Breeze Barista Smackdown" were mini events that utilized the entire SCASA infrastructure, personelle (SCASA Baristas, Judges, MC, DJ, Volunteers) and the brands' products, had full brand activation and audience participation.
Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsors get their names on the back wall at all the competitions and on all event marketing, SCASA website and email newsletter - in order of their ranking ie Platinum BIG and always at the top, followed by Gold and then Silver in decreasing size and position. 
All Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsor members get the premium demo slots at the SCASA Brew bar at all events - 1 hour slots in the prime times! 
If you would like to become a SCASA sponsor please send us an email on