SCASA at Coffee & Chocolate Expo: April 08 2014

SCASA will be running a large educational Coffee Theatre within the Coffee and Chocolate Expo that shall be held over the 17th to 20th July, at Monte Casino, Johannesburg.  

The Sustainability organisations Utz Certified and Fairtrade, shall both be presenting on a daily basis to better explain the principals and processes of Certified Coffee sales.  

Genio Coffee Roasters will also be providing both practical and theoretical coffee presentations. More exciting presentations are being organized! This is an opportunity to inspire a love of coffee in the broader public, we intend to use it wisely!

For SCASA MembersCoffee and Chocolate Expo have very kindly granted SCASA members a R 400/square meter discount, for any who are interested in exhibiting. You can contact Coffee and Chocolate Expo on or Nadine on 0825633332, for more details. See the rate card here.

Thank you to our sponsors...