World Barista Champs Update June 12 2014

The past week has been full of excitement as we have been following the journey of our World Barista Champ competitors, Craig Charity (SA Barista Champ) and Dan Erasmus (SA AeroPress Champ). Dan and Craig competed in different events, Craig the World Barista Champs, and Dan the World Brewers Cup.

Both baristas made us feel immensely proud to be South African, as they performed with utmost skill and passion.

Their determination did not see them through to the final rounds however we can applaud Craig Charity for placing 15th in the world's best baristas.

To watch Craig's set you can follow this LINK.

It has been a phenomenal competition to watch and we are so excited for the knowledge these two young baristas will bring back and impart with their fellow baristas in the South African coffee industry.

For more information about World Barista Champs and results click HERE.

Thank you to TheCoffeeMag for the images.