2014 National Barista Champs Results November 07 2014

South Africa's Top 6 Baristas (image courtesy The Coffee Mag)

It's been a thrilling 3 days as we have watched baristas from around South Africa show off their coffee skills to our panel of judges and the audience. Hosted by the IFEA this years competition has been a great success and we hope that if you couldn't make it live that you got to catch up on the livestream. Thanks to The Coffee Mag the entire 3 days has been documented on the livestream, so go ahead and watch your favourite barista's performance. 

Today's final kept us on the edge of our seats as the top 6 baristas presented their sets for one last time. But there can only be one winner.

The 2014 National Barista Champ, ladies and gentlemen...

**** Ishan Natalie of Tribeca ****

*Image courtesy The Coffee Mag

A massive well done to all the baristas who competed in Nationals this year. Your constant effort is what makes the coffee culture in South Africa so great. 

Thank you to all our sponsors for your support, and for what you do to make these events happen.

To the World Coffee Events organisation, we appreciate all you do for us in South Africa and to Enrico Wurm, thank you for your high value judges training. 

We are SO excited for the year ahead as our baristas prepare for their categories at World Champs, in Seattle. Until then, keep your eyes in our Facebook and Twitter pages for coffee updates in South Africa. 

Final Overall Results

Best Espresso : Ishan Natalie
Best Cappuccino : Ishan Natalie
Best Signature Drink : Ishan Natalie
Best Technical Performance : Ishan Natalie

Manual Brewers Champ : Shaun Spruch
Cup Tasters Champ : Donovan McLagan
Latte Art Champ : Byron Keet

2014 Barista Champ : Ishan Natalie

2nd Place : Rodreck Nzrainengwe
3rd Place : Travis Scott
4th Place : Matt Carter
5th Place : Musa Magwaza
6th Place : Azhar Khan