Coffee drives 2 literacy intervention programs in Limpopo December 09 2014

Roast Re:public have created a coffee model that raises money for communities in Limpopo. In partnership with World Vision International, 50% of Roast Re:public's profit goes towards aiding and enabling education in these areas.

In the past few months Roast Re:public and Ledile (project manager) have set up 2 literacy intervention programs in Limpopo.

"We’re more convinced than ever that using education as a tool for sustainable change is the wisest investment we can make at this stage. All you, as a citizen of the Roast Re:public, need to do is drink #coffeewithaconscience."

This is an inspiring story of using coffee to change the world. Read more HERE.

*Image courtesy Roast Re:public
*Roast Re:public is a member of SCASA