World Barista Champs Approach March 24 2015

The countdown has begun and Social Media is being inundated by World Barista Champs updates. We are SO excited for Ishan Natalie as he prepares to represent South Africa at the champs. What an honour it is for this Gauteng barista to showcase his skills and the talent that we have as a nation. 

The official Top 6 trophies were photographed this week. How good do these look! Well done Reg Barber for your craftsmanship on these.

Image Credit | Barista Magazine Facebook Page

As we've said before but will remind you. If you want to follow Ishan Natalie's journey to WBC then click here to follow him on Facebook.

Lastly, World Coffee Events have put together a great video leading up to the event (as if the excitement isn't enough). Watch and enjoy HERE!