Proudly South African at the WBC April 13 2015

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It's been an absolutely thrilling weekend in the world of coffee. The World Barista Championship took place in Seattle over the past 4 days and the competition was outstanding.

Our SA barista champ, Ishan Natalie, gave a phenomenal performance on Friday as he wowed the judges with his well informed topic, and exceptional technical ability. In the words of the judges, "we call technical scores like yours EXTRAORDINARY!" 

We waited with baited breathe for the results and are so proud of Ishan for ranking 18th IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! This is Ishan's highest ranking at the World Barista Champs and from his comments, he has definitely come away from this competition with new knowledge and an excitement for his next shot at the World Barista title. Read more about his coffee and performance here.

Of course the world needed a new barista champion, and the 2015 title went to Sasa Sestic of Ona Coffee in Australia. 

To catch up on all the action at the WBC you can watch the Livestream feed recap here.

Top 6 at the WBC

Champion: Sasa Sestic, Ona Coffee, Australia
2nd Place: Charles Babinski, Go Get 'Em Tiger, USA
3rd Place: Ben Put, Monogram Coffee, Canada
4th Place: Chan Kwun Ho, The Cupping Room, Hong Kong
5th Place: Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Colonna & Small's, United Kingdom
6th Place: Charlotte Malaval, Independent, France