World of Coffee Highlights June 19 2015

This past week two of South Africa's baristas head over to Sweden for the World of Coffee championships. Donovan McLagan represented SA in the World Cup Tasters Champs, and Byron Keet represented SA in the World Latte Art Champs. 

The competition was broadcast on Livestream so if you wish to watch highlights you can click here. Donovan competed on Tuesday 16th and Byron competed on Wednesday 17th.

Byron Keet | Image Credit :

Donovan McLagan | Image Credit :

Both gentlemen did SA proud and came away from their competitions with a greater knowledge of the field they competed in. These competitions are such a great way to learn and build community amongst a worldwide coffee chapter. In the words of Byron Keet, "The nerves did get to me but I've learned an incredible amount. I know the standard now and I know what it takes to make top 6. I'm very keen to share what I've learned."

Don placed 25th in the world and Byron placed 31st. We are SO happy for you guys!
TheCoffeeMag posted the top results for each category. Have a look here.

WELL DONE GUYS! Enjoy the rest of the week and travel home safe.