Celebrate International Coffee Day July 31 2015

We don't really need one day to celebrate coffee BUT we will be uniting with the world on the 1st of October for International Coffee Day! This in an opportunity for all of us to share our passion for coffee globally. 

The SCAE has created a logo and a poster which can be displayed in your coffee shop or offices but on top of that you can be as creative with the day as you'd like in order to get those around you to celebrate the day as well.

SCAE have given some ideas on their website, for how the day could look. You can edit these to our SA context, but they are just some ideas suggested. 

  • Have special promotion just for that day i.e. 
  • Buy one get one free
  • Buy a second cup for a penny
  • Raise coffee seedlings in advance and give a seedling away free or for a very nominal price to every customer that day
  • Sell coffee related jewellery on that day
  • Get the local radio station to broadcast from your shop
  • Get a celebrity (if you can) to serve coffee in your shop on that day – but make sure the whole district knows about it!!
  • Create a special coffee menu for the day
  • Fundraise for a local charity (The ICO has endorsed OXFAM, but this is not mandatory and we suggest a local charity might generate better publicity for you in your area - BUT remember the day is about celebrating coffee and not necessarily about fund raising)
  • Try to do something with the current or past WBC championship signature drinks
  • create a special coffee “Birthday” cake or cakes which can be promoted to customers
  • encourage customers to have a go at latte art for themselves or just give demonstrations regularly throughout the day
  • Organise and give a lecture on coffee to local groups, schools, etc
  • run a coffee related Quiz for your customers with a small prize or a donation to the winner’s choice of charity

If you would like posters and flyers for your coffee shop you can email marketing@scae.com and they will send them free of charge! 

Let's get ready to celebrate the drink that we love... coffee!