Coffee Science at Savior Coffee Company September 23 2015

Savior Coffee Company are a local Durban coffee shop. An offshoot from their amazing Savior Brand Leather Company, which believe us has some amazing products. Before we get side tracked it's worth mentioning what Savior Coffee Company have started doing EVERY FRIDAY!

(Images: Savior Coffee Company Facebook Page)

Coffee Science is a concept whereby every Friday from 10am - 1pm Max (Savior Coffee) and Frank (Union Handroasted Coffee) open up the floor to new ways of brewing coffee. Each week they showcase a specialty coffee from roasters around the country, and they will show you different ways to make coffee, both espresso as well as alternate brew methods like your Aeropress, Pour Over, etc.

What's the point? Well to educate the general public around specialty coffee and enjoying this drink that all of us at SCASA are passionate about. The objective is to have fun with coffee in a safe space where you can learn about the coffee you're drinking and 

(Images: Coffey & Cake Blog)

So get down to 51 Station Drive, Umgeni, Durban this Friday, or any Friday between 10am and 1pm and get to know a little bit more about coffee and how you can make great coffee at home.