Barista Workshops for Nationals October 08 2015

Now that our first Workshop in Cape Town has been concluded, we realize that as a South African barista, whether you compete or not, it is vital that you understand the new WBC Rules and Regulations 2016.  Please ensure that you visit the WBC website to download and review all the changes.

In order to assist you so that there is a consistent understanding of the updates / rules, the BGSA will be hosting workshops across the country to go through the changes and any other queries.  Please bring along and pen and a copy of the updated WBC Rules and Regulations.

The confirmed dates, times and venues for each of the workshops are as follows :

JOHANNESBURG : Tuesday 20 October, 17h00 (Ciro Training Centre) – facilitator : Ishan Natalie

PORT ELIZABETH : Tuesday 27 October, 17h00 (Ciro Training Centre) – facilitator : Ishan Natalie

DURBAN : Wednesday 21 October, 17h00 (Colombo Tea & Coffee Co) – facilitator : Pauline Leschinsky

All baristas are most welcome, and we hope to see you there !!!

Kindly reply by email to Ishan ( for the Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth workshops, and to Pauline for the Durban workshop.”

To familiarise yourself with the new rules and regulations, have a look at the WBC site HERE.

Make sure you get these dates down and are at the workshop in your city, and we'll be in touch soon for more information around Nationals.

Here is a great article to read by Matthew Perger, making it easy to understand the new rules. Read more here.