Barista Champion Lovejoy Chirambasukwa’s TOP 3 Tips February 18 2019

As time draws closer to the 2019 SCASA National Coffee Competitions (21-24 February at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre), we called upon previous champions to share some of their wisdom and experience with this year’s coffee competitors. One of these previous winners is, Lovejoy Chirambasukwa, 2013’s National Barista Champion. Currently working as the roastery manager for Craft Coffee based in Johannesburg. Lovejoy ironically competed twice at regionals placing second on both occasions (2012/2013).

Having been in coffee for more than 10 years, we asked Lovejoy which three tips he had for this year’s competing baristas.

Tip Number 1
“It's your show and let the judges play to your tune."

Tip Number 2
"Do it as if your life depends on it as it opens many avenues."

Tip Number 3
"If you don’t try you never know so go for it and just let it flow naturally, don’t try to copy others as you are your own self."

Asked what motivation he has for the competitors, Lovejoy said: "Always be humble and willing to help one another at the competitions. Remember you got to the nationals because other people helped and supported you; don’t forget to acknowledge those whom you meet along the journey."

Closing Comments
"The industry in South Africa can grow if we can support and not undercut each other. Competition is healthy and let's all educate our customers so that we all benefit. There is no one who is right or wrong as long as you can substantiate your opinion on why you doing things in a certain way. I love the industry because everyday is a new day for you to learn from your customers; some are willing to learn and some will school you on coffee but at the end of the day it’s what makes the industry's wheels turn…”

Click HERE to download the latest National Coffee Competitions schedule. SCASA's Nationals will be taking place 21-24 February 2019 at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre in KwaZulu-Natal. 

Photos: The Coffee Magazine and Justin Groep