Barista Guild of South Africa - How can you participate? August 10 2017

The Barista Guild of South Africa was started with one goal in mind: to bring baristas together more often so that they can share their experiences and learn from each other. 

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And we had some very promising launches back in 2014. But like most volunteer run endeavours, it became difficult to maintain. 

The Barista Guild of America requires membership fees of R1000/year and this is how they have the resources to offer Barista Courses and run events regularly.

We're certainly not there yet, but we can kick things off again at minimal expense if just a few of you wonderful coffee fanatics put up your hands to host events. 

We will promote the events on our platforms, including through our media partner, The Coffee Magazine, to make sure the coffee community knows about it. We will try help you find sponsors or connect you with other willing volunteers in your regions or connect you with the SCASA Director or SCASA Member that can help make an event happen. 

We need your help to collaborate regardless of which coffee company you belong to. This Guild is supposed to be a brainstorming platform, a way to bring coffee people together, to support each other through the daily experiences of being in this coffee and service industry.


- Fun Latte Art Competition

- Cup Tasting event to expand your palates and taste different coffees

- Coffee Cocktail experimentation

Email and we will try to support any volunteers! Please mention Barista Guild of South Africa, so that Amanda knows where to direct your email!

Join the BGSA Facebook page where we will hopefully be posting some awesome events soon!

 Photo: The Coffee Magazine