BOOK NOW for a SCA Certified Coffee Roasting Course in October September 03 2019

SCASA Bronze Sponsor, Bühler in association with Donovan McLagan (SCASA National Cup Tasters champion) from Cabal Coffee Roastery and Camissa Coffee Co., will be presenting another Specialty Coffee Association Certified Roasting Course 3-5 October in Cape Town. 

The course 30 September and 1 & 2 October have been SOLD OUT!

Booking is essential as limited seats are available.

Contact Martin Greyvenstein at 063 445 5999 for more information to secure your place.

More information on the roasting course.

Who will benefit from this Coffee Roasting Course presented by Bühler?Anyone from beginners with no experience to seasoned coffee roasters.

What will be the key things addressed in this course?
Entrants will learn about roasting processes, including roasting cycles, roast levels, identifying defects, the physical changes that beans undergo during the transfer of heat into beans.

What are people's biggest misconceptions when it comes to roasting coffee?
That it's easy to do and takes very little skill to master (it is not easy and does take skills to master).

How does 
Bühler and in particular the Roastmaster20 make it easy for people to roast?

  • Fully variable burner
  • Flexible multi-step roasting profile for great flavor generation, up to 10 steps.
  • Easy recipe management
  • Monitoring features (Actual product temperature, Set final product temperature, Roasting time, Roasting air temperature, Rate of rise)
  • Option to connect to 3rd party (Cropster and Artisan)
  • Monitor and operate the roaster from your laptop / tablet

More details about the course leader?
Donovan McLagan (SCASA National Cup Tasters champion), AST (Authorised SCA Trainer) of the CSP (Coffee Skills Program). Administered by SCA (Speciality Coffee Association).