Get your hands on the latest Coffee Magazine August 25 2016

If you haven't already seen, The Coffee Mag recently launched their NEW website. It is a coffee filled portal where one can read interviews with coffee people around SA, find out about new coffee shops on the block, and they are always giving away coffee and gadgets. 

Haven't seen it? Take a look at The Coffee Mag online.

But that is not the point of this post. We want to draw your attention to their magazine. This monthly publication is packed with newsworthy content from the coffee industry both locally and internationally. 

You may have seen the magazine at your local coffee shop but you can also subscribe to receive the magazine each month. Sign up is super easy online, just click here.

Add this magazine to your waiting room at work, or if you are a cafe owner and haven't subscribed now is the time! Mel & Iain of The Coffee Mag are always sourcing fascinating new content for their magazine, keeping us all up to date on what's news in the coffee world.

So why not sign up today and enjoy ongoing quality coffee journalism.