Hello Cape Town! September 15 2016

We have been (im)patiently waiting for this day but here it is!!!! The start of the Western Cape Coffee Competition. The countdown has been fierce as baristas from around the WC have entered and prepared for their competitions over these next 3 days.







 A great opportunity to connect over the best brewed coffee available.

Beginning with a particular tree on a special farm that was picked for its taste, to the unique way it is brewed by the barista, there is so much more to a cup coffee…

Who will be the next 6 baristas to make it through to nationals at the end of the year?

The competition is about to kick off, here is the plan for today!

10.30am : Cup Tasters Semi Finals
12pm : Latte Art Semi Finals

Join us tomorrow for the first round of the Barista Competition semi finals.

Homemakers Expo : CTICC : Coffee Lovers' Theatre