Latte Art Champion Alhenrico Thomas’s TOP 3 Tips  February 07 2019

As time draws closer to the 2019 SCASA National Coffee Competitions (21-24 February at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre), we called upon previous champions to share some of their wisdom and experience with this year’s coffee competitors. One of these champions is 36 year old Alhenrico Thomas, Regional and Coastal Barista Training Manager for Famous Brands Coffee Company in Cape Town. To date, Alhenrico has won the Western Cape Regional Latte Art Championship three times and the National Latte Art Championship twice, in 2016 and 2017. Having been in coffee for over nine years, we asked Alhenrico which three tips he had for this year’s competing latte artists.

Tip Number 1
"Just be yourself and make sure you give the judges a clean set."

Tip Number 2
"Don't doubt yourself nor your designs, ‘cause you don't see what the judges see."

Tip Number 3
"Always try by all means to be different, be unique and do your best."

"My goal for competing was never to be the best in South Africa, but to be the best in the world. This can only be achieved by us in South Africa, if we work together and think outside of the box and not hate each other after winning or losing.” Alhenrico said. He also believes that if there’s more support amongst fellow competitors, South Africa will be a force to be reckoned with at international competitions. "My experience and chats with the competitors at Worlds were amazing and sad at the same time. Competitors at Worlds get all the help and support from people in their countries."

Final Comments
“I want to encourage you to reach out to those competing with you and come up with ideas to make us do well at international competitions. Good luck to all of you and know just being at Nationals makes you a champ already."

Photos: The Coffee Magazine