New SCASA Board of Directors Announced February 25 2019

SCASA Board of Directors from Right to Left: Bernard Muneri, Alessandro Morrico, George Bertolis,
Lani Snyman (outgoing chair person), 
George Karatzas, Neil Maree and Chris Rootman

It's a new dawn and era for the coffee industry in South Africa as we congratulate and introduce to you our new SCASA Board of Directors (BoD) announced at Nationals over the weekend. The new BoD members are: Bernard Muneri
 (Chair), Alessandro Morrico (Vice Chair), George Karatzas (Treasurer), George Bertolis, Neil Maree and Chris Rootman. Amanda A Pyne-James has been named as Secretariat.

A word of thanks again to outgoing chair person, Lani Snyman
, for her amazing contribution to our industry as well as to our trusted sponsors and partners for their support in building a United Passion for Coffee in South Africa.