Response to Water concerns for National Coffee Competitions January 22 2018

A note from SCASA

Thank you so much for your thoughts on the location of the National Coffee Competitions, we always encourage our members to voice concerns and also express willingness to participate. We have taken your concerns very seriously, thank you for your patience in our response.

We are very much aware of the water situation and have made a considerate amount of effort to not use extensive volumes of water from the region during the competitions. Cape Town is welcoming such events (including the Cape Argus), as its economy desperately needs income to support this cause. SCASA has been in contact with Tourism, Trade and Investment officials in this regard.

We have taken measures to ensure that water will be brought from JHB for the competitions to run the espresso machines (15 x 20litre), as well as water to be supplied for competitors and their teams for drinking and cleaning up water. Domestic airlines have sanctioned visitors to bring water in their checked luggage. Any excess water will be donated to the community of Langa.

This is what has been organised by the SCASA BoD and volunteers:

- A free, sponsored venue. 
- Equipment sponsors
- Milk sponsored by a local dairy
- Bore hole water filtered through RO from Ultimate Water
- Water from Air Unit (150litre/day capacity) on site for drinking water and to take a couple litres home.
- Sponsored PA system
- A date that gives the Barista Winner at least 3 months to prepare

On tourism and water:…/tourists-bring-own-water-to-cape-to…
“Wesgro CEO Tim Harris emphasised that tourists are helping grow local economies and create jobs in the most remote parts of the province. "This is precisely why tourism is so valuable to our economy during these more challenging economic times, and why Wesgro will continue to do everything possible to ensure the industry continues to grow,” he said.”…/tourists-bring-own-water-to-cape-to…

This is a call to you, the members who have all competed/taken part in competitions organised for you, to step up and help make these competitions a success. The more members who put up their hands to help, the easier solutions are found. We look forward to any other suggestions that can help.

Tips to Save like a Local:…/save-like-a-local-how-visitors…

Thank you in advance for your support.
SCASA Board of Directors