SA's coffee community on Harry Mole's preliminary WBC set April 12 2019

South Africa's 2019 National Barista Champion, Harry Mole, undoubtedly put in a tremendous effort in his first ever World Barista Championship outing on 11 April. Always calm and cool, like we've come to experience a Harry Mole performance, his preliminary set featured a Tanzanian Peaberry coffee from the Kibo region and a signature drink that tastes like a cola tonic coffee cocktail with a spray of a homemade rose hydrofloral. Simply, Wow! It sure was a proud moment to see our champion on stage but we also wanted to know what the fellow coffee community thought of Harry's set.

Ishan Natalie - SA National Champion 2009, 2010 and 2015 and mentor to Harry Mole
It was a proud moment to see Harry on the world stage. I watched him blossom from a green bean learning to roast, to bringing him into our TriBeCa 'inner barista circle' at the office (haha). I have watched his passion and skill explode over many years into one of South Africa's most inspirational coffee human beings. His humility and kind nature is rare in the industry and it showed throughout his Boston trip and set. He handled himself with great humility, passion and peace, for his coffee and what he does. Harry was Harry on stage and did everything that he believes in and makes him comfortable. His coffee extractions and beverage builds looked really good and he told me his coffee was tasting amazing. It is unfortunate that he went a bit overtime and now we wait in anticipation. No matter the result, we as a South African coffee community, family and friends are extremely proud of what he achieved at his first every WBC; and I know that he is very proud of himself as well. Watch Ishan Natalie's competitive mindset 

Lani Snyman - Customer Service Executive at Ciro Full Service Beverage Company and former SCASA chair person
Harry Mole has an exceptional skill to understand coffee and serve great taste and extraction with confidence and commitment, solid every time. His perseverance and continuity in pursuing excellence in his profession will ensure that he lacks nothing when moving along in South Africa to achieve greatness in coffee. His set in Boston proved no different. He offered the best he could under tremendous pressure as a first–timer at WBC. I am proud to have Harry represent our country, he flew our flag with pride. Thank you and well done Harry!

Winston Thomas - SA 
National Champion 2017 & 2018
Harry Mole's set was really good, the night he won comp [the National Barista Championship] I told him he should stick to his guns and just be Harry and have fun and I feel like that's exactly what he did on stage. The Harry I saw on the WBC stage is the Harry I know and the video you guys posted of me [Winston Thomas' competitive mindset] was saying that the challenge is to be the same person on stage as that you are off stage. He did go over time, but it's perfectly fine, I experienced the same thing. He stuck to his guns and finished is conclusion even though he was going over time. [I] Didn't taste his coffee before he left, so I'm not sure what that was like, but the performance was really good and [a] solid start, little bit rushed in the end, but I think he'd done South Africa proud and I think he was an amazing ambassador, and I hope that he continues to be throughout the next stage, whether he does make semi-finals or not.

Bernard Muneri - SCASA chair person
As SCASA Board of Directors, we could not be more prouder of Harry Mole’s performance on the world's stage. We appreciate the effort, time, input and support from all the South African coffee family to our current champ. We stand UNITED with Passion for Coffee and we urge Harry to bring back the learnings and experience gained from being at the World Barista Championship and plough it back into our baristas in the interest of growing the coffee industry. Thank you Harry for rubbing shoulders against the best in the world and standing your own ground with such a polished performance. SCASA is proud of you and your team. Best of luck and regardless of the final rankings, we stand super proud of our champion. All the best to all the competitors more especially our fellow African competitors and may the best Barista win!

Christopher Abrahams - SA National Latte Art Champion 2018 & 2019
I thought Harry Mole did an exceptional job on the world's stage! He was so calm and comfortable throughout his performance. It was a delight watching his performance and it seemed clear that he put lots of hard work into it. Great effort Harry! I'm sure you did very well! So proud! 

Khulekani Mpala - Gauteng Regional Champion 2016
It was a good, clean set. I believe he said everything he hoped to say on the world stage!

Dieter Liebenberg - KwaZulu-Natal Regional Champion 2018
Great performance by Harry, was fantastic to see how he took another step up and remained so calm throughout. Definitely a set to be proud of. Congrats.

Raymond Roesstorff - Eastern Cape Regional Champion 2018
Even though I don't know Harry very well, I felt a sense of pride and fraternity watching him on the world stage and couldn't help cheering loudly as I watched from home. Every flavour mentioned, every extraction, every description he hits, I gave a loud clap and "YES!" His setup looked amazing, his routine was smooth, I just wish he didn't go over time by so much. You need every point you can get against the top baristas in the world. I wish Harry the best of luck and the Nation is holding thumbs that he makes it to the next round.

Stevo Kühn - Central Regional Runner Up 2018
Just watched Harry’s set on stream... After seeing Harry’s set in practice runs prior to Nationals and seeing the WBC set I am amazed at how well he managed to stay himself during the set. What you see is what you get! Gentle when talking, but fast at work. Well done on a solid set & representing SA well Harry, John and team.

Rodney Swartz - SA National Latte Art Runner Up 2019
Harry Mole what a great set, clean an performance was on top of the World you did fantastic brother...Make us proud seeing your performance at Nationals was inspiring...continue as the humble person you are...

Kgune Dlamini - KwaZulu-Natal Regional Third Place 2018 and SA National Top Six 2019
I think he was solid. Harry the usual suspect, always calm yet solidly precise. I think he made all of us proud. Definitely represented South Africa swell.

Gerald Pietersen - 
Eastern Cape Regional Top Six 2018
Watching Harry's performance made me realize, and again for I love with the sensation coffee provides. His smooth and seamless approach was really amazing and so inspiring. I loved how he delivered a seamless set that was based on excellence, precision and so entertaining. His flavour notes, aroma and mouthfeel descriptors makes one feel part of the 4D journey. It was an honor to be part of this showcase. Well done to Harry, you truly made us proudly South African.

Sibahle Ngqiva - Eastern Cape Regional Top Six 2018
I think Harry delivered a very clean and detailed presentation, I was basically taken on a journey. I especially loved the story he shared about Trevor the farmer, and how he incorporated his expedition into his set. He handled the pressure really well and I believe that we were well represented as a country.

Want to rewatch Harry Mole's 2019 WBC preliminary set?
1. Visit Boston WCC
2. Click on channel WBC2
3. On the video screen top right click the 'Event Posts' icon which will dropdown to more clips
4. Click and load the latest/top clip
5. Hit play and scrub the play bar to timecode 1:46:52

Also. Read the blow by blow execution of Harry Mole's preliminary set with exclusive photos as documented by The Coffee Magazine

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