SCA Barista and Brewing Courses Offered at CIRO Coffee Academy May 22 2019

To qualify for AST, you will need to have Pro certification in one Module at least. CIRO has organised that these courses have been made available around the country in the next month. The more SA qualified AST trainers, the better for coffee education in our country. 

Barista Skills Foundation: 28 May 
Barista Skills Intermediate: 12-13 June
Brewing Foundation: 18 June
Brewing Intermediate: 19-20  June

Barista Skills Foundation: 10 June 
Brewing Foundation: 12 June 
Brewing Intermediate: 13 & 14 June
Barista Skills Intermediate: 20 & 21 June
Brewing Professional: 24-26 June
Barista Skills Professional: 24-26 June
Possible AST training has been confirmed for 2-3 July 2019 in Durban with Annemarie Tiemes, with the provision 8 people confirm.  

Barista Skills Foundation: 12 June 
Brewing Foundation: 13 June 

Barista Skills Foundation: 28 May
Barista Skills Intermediate: 29-30 May

Barista Skills foundation: 3 June
Brewing Foundation: 5 June
Brewing Intermediate: 6-7 June
Barista Skills Intermediate: 13-14 June

The link for the entry form to apply is HERE.
Please book in regions with regional trainers, as per contact list on the brochure HERE.

The Coffee Magazine would also like to invite any people who commit to AST training to Creative Coffee Week free of charge. This ticket is valued at R2000 and includes meals, coffee and fun times with industry legends.