SCASA Gauteng Region Coffee Competitions 2019 - Orientation & Practice Sessions July 23 2019


We are ecstatic to let you know that this year’s entries for the Gauteng Regional Coffee Champs is a new record set for any region! Congratulations.

Download the 2019 Gauteng Regional Coffee Competition Orientation and Practice Schedule

Such big numbers come with challenges in terms of logistics and backstage management which has left us no choice but to split the practice times into two slots per person. This is specific to competitors in the Barista Championship category only.

The first slot will be a 30min machine practice session on Thursday, followed by a 15-minute grinder calibration on the day you are competing. Please note this will be the only time you will be allocated to work on the provided machines and grinders.

Please ensure that you plan your travels adequately to ensure you are on site well before your allocated time-slots. Unfortunately, time-slots will not be able to be changed or adjusted due to the time constraints we have, as we are trying to be fair to everyone competing and the same rules apply across the board, with no exceptions.

Please ensure you are on site for the Orientation session at 11am Thursday 25th July. The practice sessions will commence at 12. You need to have all your own barista kit, cloths and ingredients for the practice session.

Thank you and see you there!

Download the 2019 Gauteng Regional Coffee Competition Schedule