SCASA Members - Sponsor a deaf barista and change a life! June 27 2017

Do you want to really change a person's life using coffee?  SCASA, in association with UNISA, EDeaf ( and Ciro have created an opportunity for SCASA members to Sponsor a Deaf person to join a training programme that will see them become a fully fledged barista.  The cost of the SCASA Member's Sponsorship is only R2700 per person, and this stipend will go directly to assisting the candidate's transport and monthly costs as Unisa is sponsoring the NQF Level 5 certificate "Short Course in Barista Skills" under the Unisa Department of Consumer Sciences.

This is an amazing opportunity and UNISA has created sponsored space for 30 deaf baristas to be trained for the duration of one month. EDEAF is facilitating this training on behalf of SCASA and the UNISA Sound Video and Photography directorate is developing a multi modal  training  DVD, so the empowerment process has legs beyond the training itself.  SCASA Members, Ciro have already committed to one sponsorship and Coffee Magazine to two sponsorships! All SCASA Members are urged to participate. There are 27 more sponsorships available!

How can you get involved?

*   email if you would like to Sponsor a deaf barista.

*   There will be a celebration of this program on the 4th of July in JHB at Ciro, to meet successful deaf baristas who has already worked in the industry for 2 to 3 years. UNISA and Edeaf representatives will be present to meet and to find out more information.

*   There will be a Deaf Barista competition at CoffeeChoc EXPO with an interpreter - In order to make it as similar in spirit to a regionals/nationals set, the deaf Baristas will prepare a set of cappuccinos in 10 minutes and be judged by George Bertolis, Alessandro Morricco and Lani Snyman with Iain Evans to MC . Come and support!


Partners: Unisa, Ciro, EDeaf, SCASA, CoffeeChoc, Coffee Magazine. Deaf Barista Program and competition celebration On 4th July. Rsvp at SCASA.