South African Barista Wage Calculator in development June 21 2019

Something BIG is coming to the South African coffee industry that will aim to ease and protect the efforts of coffee professionals when it comes to remuneration.

A collaboration between SCASA, CIRO Coffee Academy and The Coffee Magazine, will see the launch of an industry-first tool to assist baristas, employers, managers and owners in the South African coffee industry to fairly negotiate a living wage for employees, considering the national minimum wage, experience and qualifications.

Introducing the Barista Wage Calculator (BWC), a tool based on the world-renowned Living Wage Calculator, which was conceptualized, developed, coded and implemented by Code4SA and Open Data Durban, two South African companies that has received world-wide acclaim in the tech space for this tool to assist domestic workers and their employers to allocate a fair living wage.

The development of a tool of this nature will fulfill a need in the coffee industry as a whole and will hopefully be seen as a positive addition in moving our industry and the people who serve it forward.

The Barista Wage Calculator will be an independent website, that will allow all who work in the coffee industry to input their experience, qualifications and their living requirements to obtain a result. The data, technology, algorithms and easy user interface will be an accurate, easy to use tool for all.

The tool will be in the public domain to be accessed freely and users will not be identified personally, all data gathered will be anonymous.

Barista wages is a very relevant topic in our coffee community and in order to try better the current situation, we need to talk about it, in an open forum. A discussion on the Barista Wage Calculator will take place at Creative Coffee Week, 27-29 June at the The Hay Store (Point Waterfront, Durban - Cnr Camperdown Rd and Albert Terrace). An event designed to inspire the South African coffee industry through sharing, learning and fun with coffee, curated by The Coffee Magazine. The team who were part of building The Living Wage calculator will be there to address the impact creating a tool like this can have on a community.

Don’t miss the discussion Friday 28 June, 11:00 - 12.30 with representatives from Open Data Durban, SCASA, The Coffee Magazine and CIRO. Book your seat here.