Unification of SCAA & SCAE August 18 2016

Have you seen the recent update circulating social media? The Specialty Coffee Association of America announced their plan to unify with the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.

We want to congratulate the SCAA & SCAE on this unification and are so excited for how this strong partnership will make a difference, a positive impact, to specialty coffee worldwide. Take a look at the release SCAA put out online HERE. It also outlines the goals and next steps of this process. 

We were asked on Twitter what impact it has on SCASA and here is feedback from the board.

"The unification does not affect SCASA at all, as we are a separate organisation from the SCAE or SCAA. The unification between SCAE and SCAA would benefit the coffee industry as a whole, due to having stronger unified views and impact on the coffee scene globally. This just means that influence and decisions will be made with a more comprehensive view and insight, and once decided, the global community will be unified and aligned, to work closer together to achieve greater results in coffee quality, education at every level from farm to coffee service and communities will be built with unified strategic force behind it – on a global level.

We can be glad that this is happening, however it will not be happening without its challenges, however once they push through, I believe greater impact will be visible.

So let’s wait and see what the next steps will be, however we can only follow in their footsteps as they have achieved success in their associations, which we are still building towards."