Western Cape Barista Champs Results September 19 2016

Image Credit: The Coffee Magazine

It was a fantastic weekend in the Cape as we watched Baristas battle it out for the title of the Western Cape Barista Champ, Latte Art Champ and Cup Tasters Champ.

A huge thank you to Homemakers Expo for being such amazing hosts, and to all the judges and volunteers involved during the weekend. It was so great to see so many spectators throughout the weekend, thank you all for coming out to watch.

So here you have it, the results of the 2016 Western Cape Barista Champs.

Full Results Barista Championship:
1. Winston (Origin Coffee Roasters)
2. Arno (Origin Coffee Roasters)
3. Kuda (TriBeCa Coffee)
4. Zakes (Origin Coffee Roasters)
5. Lolly (TriBeCa Coffee)
6. Themba (Bean There Coffee Company)

Full Results Latte Art:
1. Alhenrico Thomas
2. Chris Abrahams (Ciro Full Service Coffee Co.)
3. Rihano De Wee (Famous Brands)

The Top Four Cup Tasters: 
Joshua Kenney (Bootlegger Coffee Company), Neil Gouws (Republic Coffee Co.), Charles Pass (also Bootlegger), Dane Williams (Global Coffee)