Winston Thomas on his return to South Africa after WBC November 16 2017

Picture by The Coffee Magazine/Melanie Winter

“I would like to conclude with a quote from a famous chef Dan Barber. When speaking of the food he serves in his restaurant he says that you want the feeling and holistic idea of the meal to resonate with you long after you leave. Because at the end of the day it’s not just about the dish. It’s about what the dish represents that has to add up to something larger than just a plate of food. This is how I believe coffee should be and this is exactly what this coffee represents. The untapped potential of coffee in Africa. And as a proud African coffee professional there is no other coffee I would rather have served you today. So thank you so much for your time. It has been an absolute pleasure. Please enjoy your signature drinks. Time.”

These words sent shivers down our collective spine when Winston Thomas wrapped up his set on the world stage in Seoul. He certainly did South Africa proud and though the ranking might not be what we hoped for, the way he handled the disappointment is what really impressed us. He accepted it gracefully and got right back into the fray to help his fellow African competitor Martin Shabaya and learn as much as he could from all the inspirational people present at the World Champs.

You can watch his performance here under the 'Prelims Station 1' tab:

Our media partners, The Coffee Magazine, caught up with the Champ on his return to Cape Town, you can listen to the interview here:

You can read about his reflections on the experience here:

Picture by The Coffee Magazine/Melanie Winter