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Coffee Market Report December 08 2016

8th. December, 2016

The Brazil Exporters Association Cecafe have reported that the countries green coffee exports for the month of November were 460,000 bags or 14.20% lower than the same month last year, at a total of 2.78 million bags.  The bulk of these exports are attributed to arabica coffee exports to a total 2.75 million bags, and following this year’s dismal conilon robusta coffee crop, conilon coffee exports contributed a lower total 30,000 bags, for this month of exports.
The March to March contracts arbitrage between the London and New York markets widened yesterday, to register this at 50.03 usc/Lb., while this equates to a 35.30% price discount for the London robusta coffee market.  This arbitrage remains an attractive factor for the roasters who have considered robusta coffees to be an opportunist discount component, within their mostly arabica coffee blends.

The Certified washed Arabica coffee stocks held against the New York exchange rose by 2,750 bags yesterday; to register these stocks at 1,262,724 bags.  There was meanwhile 3,850 bags decrease in the number of bags pending grading for this exchange; to register these pending grading stocks at 12,568 bags.

The commodity markets were mixed in trade yesterday, as the US Dollar slipped back against a basket of other major currencies and the oil markets tending softer on the day. It was a positive day for Soybean, Sugar, Gold, Silver and Platinum, although a softer day for for Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Copper, Corn, Wheat, Palladium. The Reuters Equal Weight Continuous Commodity Index that is made up from 17 markets is 0.1855% lower; to see this Index registered at 425.869.   The day starts with the U.S. Dollar trading at 1.265 to Sterling and 1.077 to the Euro, while North Sea Oil is tending steady and is selling at 51.37 per barrel.
The London market started the day on a softer but steady note yesterday, to turn positive during the session as New York market registered a positive track to start the day.  The New York market held steady at the outset and in positive territory although seller activity at the top of the day gradually etched away the gains, to see this market push lower to move through opening levels and into negative territory by midsession.  This softer move was mirrored in London, to see both markets trading in mildly negative territory for the latter half of the day and in New York within a tightly held range either side of unchanged.  As the session progressed toward the finish line, a degree of seller pressure withdrew from the floor and both markets posted a modest boost, but still in negative territory, to set the close in London about the middle of the days trading range, and in New York just about unchanged on the day, as follows:

LONDON ROBUSTA US$/MT                        NEW YORK ARABICA USc/Lb.

JAN      2030 –   9                                            DEC   137.90 – 0.05
MAR     2021 – 11                                            MAR   141.70 – 0.30
MAY     2031 – 10                                            MAY   144.05 – 0.25
JUL      2038 –   8                                            JUL    146.20 – 0.25
SEP      2044 –  7                                             SEP    148.25 – 0.20
NOV     2050 –  6                                             DEC    151.20 – 0.20
JAN      2056 –  2                                             MAR   153.80 – 0.20
MAR     2066 –  2                                             MAY   155.40 – 0.20
MAY     2082 –  2                                             JUL    156.85 – 0.15
JUL      2100 –  2                                             SEP    158.10 – 0.15


Coffee Market Report December 07 2016

The March to March contracts arbitrage between the London and New York markets narrowed yesterday, to register this at 49.83 usc/Lb., while this equates to a 35.09% price discount for the London robusta coffee market. This arbitrage remains an attractive factor for the roasters who have considered robusta coffees to be an opportunist discount component, within their mostly arabica coffee blends.

The Certified washed Arabica coffee stocks held against the New York exchange rose by 221 bags yesterday; to register these stocks at 1,259,974 bags. There was meanwhile a larger decrease at 3,209 bags to the number of bags pending grading for this exchange; to register these pending grading stocks at 16,418 bags.

The commodity markets were mixed in trade yesterday, the influential Oil markets slid back from the gains posted over the past few sessions and the latest round of data reported crude oil production to be higher out of most major export regions. The U.S. Dollar registered a stronger day with a positive day for Cotton, Corn, Soybean, Sugar and Platinum markets although a softer day for Cocoa, Coffee, Copper, Wheat, Gold, Silver and Palladium. The Reuters Equal Weight Continuous Commodity Index that is made up from 17 markets is 0.015% higher; to see this Index registered at 425.659. The day starts with the U.S. Dollar trading at 1.266 to Sterling and 1.072 to the Euro, while North Sea Oil is tending steady and is selling at 52.04 per barrel.

The London and New York markets started the day yesterday in a positive note in quiet opening trade, but with both markets taking a softer stance by midsession. The New York market held relatively steady at the lower levels but with both markets recovering to move back up into positive territory in early afternoon trade. This upward move attracted another round of hefty speculative selling activity back to the New York market in the latter part of the day, to see this market lose all the ground covered on the day and settle at the lows on the day. The London robusta market had limited time to react to the latter day softer trade, and this market which had slid into negative territory toward the close, finished with some of the recovery from the lows, intact. The close yesterday in both markets after a fair volume day, registered a softer day overall and a close in negative territory, as follows:


JAN   2039 – 25                       DEC  137.95 – 2.25
MAR  2032 – 11                       MAR  142.00 – 2.50
MAY  2041 – 9                         MAY  144.30 – 2.55
JUL   2046 – 9                         JUL   146.45 – 2.55
SEP   2051 – 9                        SEP   148.45 – 2.55
NOV  2056 – 9                         DEC  151.40 – 2.50
JAN   2058 – 9                         MAR 154.00 – 2.50
MAR  2068 – 9                         MAY 155.60 – 2.35
MAY  2084 – 9                         JUL 157.00 – 2.10
JUL   2102 – 9                         SEP 158.25 – 2.05

La Marzocco receive European accolade November 30 2016

You may have seen La Marzocco equipment at one or many of our competitions or coffee events. Known for their exceptional quality this coffee equipment brand has been recognised internationally as Best Equipment Supplier at the European Coffee Awards. 

Read the Press Release below

FLORENCE, Italy – La Marzocco ranked first in “Best Equipment Supplier – Europe”, awarded at the latest European Coffee Awards, which brought together influential network representatives and celebrated outstanding achievements within the industry.

On Tuesday evening, at the Hilton Hotel Budapest in Hungary, La Marzocco took part at the prestigious annual European Coffee Awards ceremony, now in its ninth year and an integral part of the European Coffee Symposium.

The event, launched by Allegra Events, aims to recognize and promote company and individual excellence across the European coffee shop and food-to-go sector.

In recent weeks, members of the coffee sector and consumers across Europe were invited to elect their favorite brands – whether a chain, roaster, independent coffee shop or equipment supplier – for which La Marzocco was elected number one.

In the company of leaders in the field, La Marzocco’s Managing Director, Guido Bernardinelli, General Manager of La Marzocco UK & Ireland, Paul Kelly, and local partner Mate Gergely of Expresso Cafè kft, gratefully accepted the award on behalf of the company, global staff, international distributors and the specialty coffee community.

About La Marzocco

La Marzocco, founded in 1927 by the Bambi brothers, has traditionally specialized in producing high end, hand crafted professional espresso coffee machines geared towards excellence, a quality cup and style.

1939, La Marzocco patented the first machine with a horizontal boiler, an industry standard still today, and the first of a series of important innovations, such as the dual boiler with saturated groups.

Tradition, research, quality and reliability are factors that distinguish the company.

Highly specialized staff oversees each stage of production for every machine, which are made by hand to order for each customer.

In this manner, the boundless experience and professional pride of the Bambi brothers has continued for over eighty-five years.

The company is headquartered near Florence, Italy, with offices in Auckland, Barcelona, London, Melbourne, Milan, Seattle, Seoul and Sydney.

La Marzocco has over 280 employees and produces espresso coffee machines and grinders that are exported to over 100 countries with the support of its distributors and partners, making La Marzocco’s presence known on the 5 continents.


If you are interested in ordering La Marzocco equipment in South Africa, take a look at our directory for lists of equipment importers and suppliers.

2017 & 2018 Competition Plan November 16 2016

We've put a schedule together for the next 2 years of competitions, so you can start planning where and when you want to compete, volunteer or judge at one of these competitions.

We will update you on dates closer to each event. 

Click on the table below for a full screen view.


B = Barista Competition
LA = Latte Art Competition
CT = Cup Tasters Competition

KZN Champs Results November 04 2016

Image Credit | The Coffee Mag ©

After an exciting competition in Durban the stakes have been set high for this years group of baristas heading to Nationals. The commitment shown by every barista, both to their coffee and their presentation, has been exceptional and we cannot wait to see the skills that come out at Nationals.

The following results are from the KZN Coffee Competition.

Barista Championships:
1. Bruce Manning (TriBeCa Coffee)
2. Wency Masawi (Nino’s Coffee)
3. Chad Whitby (Colombo Coffee)
4. Travis Scott (TriBeCa Coffee)
5. Fiks Khuzwayo (MRP Foundation)
6. Tim Krynauw (Ciro Beverage Solutions)

Latte Art Championship:
1. Jeff Stopforth (Beaver Creek Coffee Estate)
2. Tinotenda Magede (Nino’s Coffee)

Cup Tasters Championship:
1. Wency Masawi (Nino’s Coffee)
2. Chad Whitby (Colombo Coffee)
3. Rowan Mallon (Colombo Coffee)
4. Dylan Da Silva (Skyline Coffee) 

The Coffee Magazine have some great photos from the competition so take a look here.

Become part of the SCASA Coffee Village at Durban Good Food & Wine Show October 10 2016

SCASA Members we have some very exciting news for you!

The SCASA Board have been working extremely hard to create value for our Members and we will be rolling out some of these initiatives over the next 2 years!

One of the exciting opportunities we have is launching THIS MONTH at the Durban Good Food & Wine Show where the SCASA KZN Regionals is being hosted. SCASA is creating a specially curated "Coffee Village". An opportunity for our Members (You!) to exhibit and market your Coffee Company to leading people in the Food and Hospitality Industry as well as the discerning audiences and consumers attending the show.

SCASA has negotiated a very special rate - usually to exhibit at a show like this would set you back around R12000 - R15 000 just for the space. SCASA has negotiated a rate of just R3000 for it's members! Click here for the booking form that needs to be submitted to and by no later than Thursday 13th October.

This Coffee Village will be the first of it's kind - and we need about 10-15 SCASA Members to be part of it, in order to successfully roll this idea out at upcoming SCASA Partner events such as Rand Show 2017, Hostex 2017, Good Food & Wine 2017 to name a few. This is a HUGE benefit of being part of SCASA and means you can market your business directly to the people who need your coffee and your coffee-related products!

The SCASA Coffee Village is being curated by celebrated exhibition celebrity Hannerie Visser (Just look at the new Good Food & Wine show website  to see the incredible things on offer this year!) 

Download your form here!

Western Cape Barista Champs Results September 19 2016

Image Credit: The Coffee Magazine

It was a fantastic weekend in the Cape as we watched Baristas battle it out for the title of the Western Cape Barista Champ, Latte Art Champ and Cup Tasters Champ.

A huge thank you to Homemakers Expo for being such amazing hosts, and to all the judges and volunteers involved during the weekend. It was so great to see so many spectators throughout the weekend, thank you all for coming out to watch.

So here you have it, the results of the 2016 Western Cape Barista Champs.

Full Results Barista Championship:
1. Winston (Origin Coffee Roasters)
2. Arno (Origin Coffee Roasters)
3. Kuda (TriBeCa Coffee)
4. Zakes (Origin Coffee Roasters)
5. Lolly (TriBeCa Coffee)
6. Themba (Bean There Coffee Company)

Full Results Latte Art:
1. Alhenrico Thomas
2. Chris Abrahams (Ciro Full Service Coffee Co.)
3. Rihano De Wee (Famous Brands)

The Top Four Cup Tasters: 
Joshua Kenney (Bootlegger Coffee Company), Neil Gouws (Republic Coffee Co.), Charles Pass (also Bootlegger), Dane Williams (Global Coffee)


Hello Cape Town! September 15 2016

We have been (im)patiently waiting for this day but here it is!!!! The start of the Western Cape Coffee Competition. The countdown has been fierce as baristas from around the WC have entered and prepared for their competitions over these next 3 days.







 A great opportunity to connect over the best brewed coffee available.

Beginning with a particular tree on a special farm that was picked for its taste, to the unique way it is brewed by the barista, there is so much more to a cup coffee…

Who will be the next 6 baristas to make it through to nationals at the end of the year?

The competition is about to kick off, here is the plan for today!

10.30am : Cup Tasters Semi Finals
12pm : Latte Art Semi Finals

Join us tomorrow for the first round of the Barista Competition semi finals.

Homemakers Expo : CTICC : Coffee Lovers' Theatre

SCASA Roadshow September 07 2016

With the Western Cape Coffee Competition upon us the SCASA board of directors will be hosting an informative roadshow in Cape Town on the 14th of September, 7pm at Truth Coffee (36 Buitenkant Street).

Topics discussed will include:

  • Competitions for the next two years
  • Partnerships formed with expos and competition venues
  • Exciting events happening during competition times
  • Other coffee events in the industry
  • Sponsorships available
  • Your  input to assist in building the coffee community in South Africa

If you are interested in joining, please RSVP to Lani Snyman on


Register to be a judge at the Western Cape Coffee Competition August 29 2016

We are calling on all judges from past competitions, and those who have been wanting to judge, to REGISTER HERE for the Western Cape Coffee Competition. 

Gain experience, learn, and enjoy a weekend of tasting great coffee from passionate baristas.

You can download the form HERE and return to

Get your hands on the latest Coffee Magazine August 25 2016

If you haven't already seen, The Coffee Mag recently launched their NEW website. It is a coffee filled portal where one can read interviews with coffee people around SA, find out about new coffee shops on the block, and they are always giving away coffee and gadgets. 

Haven't seen it? Take a look at The Coffee Mag online.

But that is not the point of this post. We want to draw your attention to their magazine. This monthly publication is packed with newsworthy content from the coffee industry both locally and internationally. 

You may have seen the magazine at your local coffee shop but you can also subscribe to receive the magazine each month. Sign up is super easy online, just click here.

Add this magazine to your waiting room at work, or if you are a cafe owner and haven't subscribed now is the time! Mel & Iain of The Coffee Mag are always sourcing fascinating new content for their magazine, keeping us all up to date on what's news in the coffee world.

So why not sign up today and enjoy ongoing quality coffee journalism.

Unification of SCAA & SCAE August 18 2016

Have you seen the recent update circulating social media? The Specialty Coffee Association of America announced their plan to unify with the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.

We want to congratulate the SCAA & SCAE on this unification and are so excited for how this strong partnership will make a difference, a positive impact, to specialty coffee worldwide. Take a look at the release SCAA put out online HERE. It also outlines the goals and next steps of this process. 

We were asked on Twitter what impact it has on SCASA and here is feedback from the board.

"The unification does not affect SCASA at all, as we are a separate organisation from the SCAE or SCAA. The unification between SCAE and SCAA would benefit the coffee industry as a whole, due to having stronger unified views and impact on the coffee scene globally. This just means that influence and decisions will be made with a more comprehensive view and insight, and once decided, the global community will be unified and aligned, to work closer together to achieve greater results in coffee quality, education at every level from farm to coffee service and communities will be built with unified strategic force behind it – on a global level.

We can be glad that this is happening, however it will not be happening without its challenges, however once they push through, I believe greater impact will be visible.

So let’s wait and see what the next steps will be, however we can only follow in their footsteps as they have achieved success in their associations, which we are still building towards."

Eastern Cape Coffee Competition Results August 04 2016

Well done to the Eastern Cape baristas who came out to take part in your Regional Coffee Competition. It was a small pool with big passion and we so admired the effort put in to the competition.

Of course without our sponsors and organisers these competitions would not happen so THANK YOU ALL! We are so grateful for businesses who partner with us to grow the specialty coffee industry in SA, as well as improving the level and training of local baristas.

So here are the results from last weekend's Eastern Cape Coffee Competition.

Barista Champs

6. Noluthando Mavela - Ubuntu Educational Fund
5. Sivuyile Jacobs - TriBeCa Coffee Company
4. Pique Zono - Fratelli Foods
3. Simphiwe Adams - Sumatran Coffee
2. Zeldrico Hansen - Eastern Cape Motors
1. Angeline McLagan - Ciro Beverage Solutions

Latte Art Champs

2. Sivuyile Jacobs - TriBeCa Coffee Company
1. Azuzile Gqaba - Masterton's Coffee and Tea Specialists

Cup Tasters Champs

4. Donovan McLagan - Urban Espress Coffee Co
3. Matthew Allen - Sumatran Coffee
2. Shaun Aupiais - Famous Brands
1. Simphiwe Adams - Sumatran Coffee

Take a look at the official press release on The Coffee Mag's website, which includes some photos from the event and links to sponsors and cafes.

The Eastern Cape Coffee Competition begins today! July 28 2016

It's all happening in PE today, at the the start of the Eastern Cape Coffee Competition. Hosted by the Homemakers Expo at their Coffee Lovers Theatre, baristas will be competing in three categories over the next 3 days... Latte Art Competition, Cup Tasters Competition and the Barista Competition.

Each of these categories has it's own element of fun and excitement and we cannot wait to see what each barista brings to the table.

Here is the schedule over the next few days.

Thursday 28th July
10am - 4.30pm : Barista Competition
6pm - 7.45pm : Latte Art Competition

Friday 29th July
10am - 4.30pm : Barista Competition
6.45pm - 7.25pm : Cup Tasters Competition
7.30pm : Monin Minute
7.30pm : Finals Announcement

Saturday 30th July
10am : Cup Tasters Final
10.30am : Latte Art Final
12pm - 5.30pm : Barista Competition Final
6.30pm : Monin Minute
6.45pm : Award Ceremony

Sending well wishes to every barista competing. Have fun and impress those judges. The top 2 latte art finalists will go through to Nationals, the top 6 barista finalists, and the top 4 cup tasters.

We want to encourage you to head down to the Expo this weekend and cheer on your local baristas. They learn so much at these competitions, and in turn this means your daily coffee will just get better and better.

All the details about the expo are on their website, so we'll see you at the Boardwalk Exhibition Centre this weekend! 

The Coffee Mag catch up with SA Barista Champ July 21 2016

Wayne Oberholzer is back from Ireland and The Coffee Mag caught up with him after his World Barista Champs experience.

Read the full interview here.

One question they asked is if the public will be able to taste any of his WBC coffee and Wayne has assured all coffee drinkers that it will be available on Cape Coffee Beans, for order, soon!

Wayne is owner at The Portland Project, a Western Cape based coffee company. Take a look at what they are doing in the coffee scene and follow them on Facebook.

Results from the World Barista Champs July 04 2016

The results have been confirmed and once again the World Barista Champs were a huge success. Well done to the host city Dublin, Ireland for putting on a fantastic event. Our baristas and team that attended have only had great things to say! 
Above are the top 6 barista finalists, and below you will find a complete list of results from the event. (click on the image to view full screen and zoom in)
We are incredibly proud of SA Barista, Wayne Oberholzer for placing 29th in the whole competition. His performance was a testament to his wide coffee knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for specialty coffee. 
We are already looking forward to our National competition to see which SA barista will have the privilege of competing at the WBC next year! 
Thank you to everyone who makes these events a possibility for our baristas. Sponsors, team support and the passionate coffee community all play a vital role in sending our baristas to compete on an international level. We cannot wait to see what tips and experience Wayne brings home from his time in Dublin.

World Barista Champs Recap June 30 2016

It was an exciting build up to this annual coffee championship and as Wayne Oberholzer and team SA head over to Dublin, Ireland we were all cheering them on. The World Barista Championship is an esteemed event and a fantastic opportunity for our baristas to meet the champions from around the world and learn from each other.

Image Credit | The Coffee Mag ©

Wayne took part in the Barista Competition and Winston took part in the Aeropress Competition. Both gents made us very proud, despite not making it into the finals round. Wayne placed 29th out of 61 competitors which is a fantastic result! 

You can view all the results here.

Image Credit | The Coffee Mag ©

Berg Wu of Taiwan took the World Barista Champ titles and Filip Kucharczyk of Poland won the World Aeropress Championship. 

You can catch the action on livestream, and take a look at what else the guys got up to on their Irish adventures, over at The Coffee Mag.

Well done again guys! Safe travels home. 

Dates for the Western Cape Coffee Competition June 10 2016

The dates have been set for the 2016 Western Cape Coffee Competition.

15th - 18th September
Cape Homemakers Expo, CTICC

We are counting down the months to this event, and are urging all Western Cape baristas to get your entries in ASAP. Download your entry form HERE.

The categories, as usual, are barista competition, latte art competition and cup tasters competition. Enter one or all and come be part of this fantastic, proudly South African, specialty coffee event. 

Sandy Edwards, Expo Organiser for HOMEMAKERS Cape commented saying: “We invite visitors to gather around the coffee aroma at the Coffee Lovers’ Theatre and support our local baristas as they battle it out for the Western Cape regional title.”

The press release also made note that "the Expo offers a vast array of home improvement, décor, design and lifestyle products and services under one roof, giving you the opportunity to explore, compare and find solutions to your specific needs."

So put these dates in your diary today and join us at the CTICC in September. Gather round the excitement that will be brewing as our local baristas battle it out for a place at Nationals and the chance to gain the title of Western Cape barista champ.

Watch the World Barista Champs on Livestream May 26 2016

Image Credit | The Coffee Mag

Wayne Oberholzer has been prepping day and night for his set at the World Barista Champs in Ireland. The competition takes place from the 22nd - 25th June in Dublin, Ireland.

You can watch the whole thing on Livestream! Yes, make sure you catch the action here. Wayne will be performing on day 1, Wednesday 22nd at 3.35pm Dublin time.

You can get all the event info and schedules on the World Coffee Events website. Just click here.

We can't wait for this competition and to see just what Wayne has up his sleeve for his performance. From all of us here, we are backing you all the way Wayne. We know you'll make SA proud. 

Take a look at the interview The Coffee Mag did with Wayne as he gets ready for his trip.

Read the full interview here.

Watch the premiere of 'The Coffee Man' in Cape Town May 19 2016

Yes it's coming to SA, The Coffee Man will be premiering in Cape Town.

Sasa Sestic is the current world barista champ and this documentary follows his journey of coffee. A must see for all coffee lovers and especially those invested in the specialty coffee industry. 

Date: 13 June
Venue: Labia Theatre
Cost: R75

You can get your tickets via The Coffee Mag site, so just click here. You'll also see all the details on their post about the event. 

Download your Entry Form Eastern Cape Baristas May 11 2016

Last week was a brilliant start to the 2016 Regional Coffee Competitions in SA. The competition was great fun and our competing baristas did so well. 

Next up is our Eastern Cape competition, so if you are a barista, cafe owner or coffee shop regular, now's the time to act. Download an entry form HERE and fill it in to return to If you know a great barista who you think should enter, then download a form for them to fill in. 

The EC coffee competition will take place from the 28th - 31st July at the Homemakers Expo, Boardwalk Exhibition Centre, PE. 

If you would like to volunteer or judge please email us on and we'll put you in touch with the organising committee. 

We will be updating you as we get closer to the time, however we urge you to enter soon and we look forward to seeing you there.


Congrats to the 2016 Gauteng Barista Champ Khulekani Mpala May 06 2016

Image credit | Brew Tool Coffee Culture ©2016 PS Primich

The past week has been exhilarating, nail-biting and on the edge of your seat stuff. The Gauteng regional coffee competition was such a success and we are so thankful to all our sponsors who made the event possible.

To the judges and volunteers involved, thank you for your time and effort over the competition, and of course congrats to all the baristas that took part. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and that you learnt a lot and got to meet some more coffee professionals.

Yesterday we announced the top 6, and these 6 competed in the final competition where there could only be one winner. The final results were as follows...

2016 Gauteng Barista Champ: Khulekani Mpala of TriBeCa
2nd place: Harry Mole
3rd place: Alicia Bulter
4th place: Phumlani Sebeko
5th place: Nomthandazo Sebeko
6th place: Pardon Sibanda

These 6 will be going through to Nationals to compete for the title of SA Barista Champ.

The cup tasters competition was won by Harry Mole and the latte art competition was won by Sibusiso Ncube of Famous Brands. You can read more about the results and see more photos on The Coffee Mag's site here.

We look forward to our next regional competition in PE so keep an eye on our Facebook page for details leading up to that event.


Gauteng's Top 6 Baristas May 05 2016

This week has been phenomenal, as we have watched the talented Gauteng baristas competing at regionals. Each barista has brought their unique flare to the competition and it has been such a pleasure watching them compete. 

Another big thank you goes to our sponsors and all involved in making this competition a reality. For local baristas these competitions are such a great way to learn, develop confidence and meet people from the industry.

It is finals day today and the top 6 baristas competing for the title of Gauteng Barista Champ are Phumlani Sibeko, Nomtha Sibeko, Khulekani Nkulu Mpala, Alicia Bulter, Pardon Sibanda and Harry Mole.

Image Credit | The Coffee Mag ©

These 6 are already going through to Nationals at the end of the year, and we wish you all the best of luck today and in the competition ahead. Congrats as well to Harry Mole who claimed the Cup Tasters title in Gauteng.

Here's to the final day of the competition, thank you to the Food and Hospitality Africa Expo for being such fantastic hosts!