Response from Board of Directors on WC Regionals November 26 2018

From the SCASA BoD


Thank you for your feedback on the Western Cape Regional Coffee Competitions, it is appreciated and noted as always. However, we are unable to change or postpone the WC Regionals for various reasons as listed below:

  • WC Dates were unfortunately set with limited notice as we were under enormous pressure from various key players and stakeholders in the Association including the WC Baristas to get them completed before most companies close for season.
  • Nationals has to take place as early in Feb as possible to prepare Nationals Winners for Global events (visas etc).
  • School holidays was a “no go” as most Restaurant/Café businesses are busy to pull away their Baristas for 3 days in this period, so best was to confirm the dates before school holidays kick in, as the competition would then be too close to Nationals.  
  • The competitions are largely run by informal Regional Committees. There is not currently a team of volunteers in the Western Cape. If you are in the Western Cape and you are willing and able to assist please email The Western Cape needs you!

On a positive, dates for the next new year cycle will be announced at the Nationals (in February) in order for all Baristas to prepare months in advance as we intend to complete the cycle earlier and maintain that going forward. We look forward to your participation in the new upcoming cycle and your continued support in bettering the SA coffee industry. We thank you for your valuable input and support to the industry and once again our sincere apologies for the short notice.

Please email should you have any comments or queries on the above.