Western Cape Latte Art and Cup Tasters Winners 2017 October 09 2017

Congratulations to the winners and finalists from this weekend's Western Cape Latte Art & Cup Tasters Champs at the CT Coffee & Chocolate. All the finalists go through to Nationals next year.

Latte Art:
1. Christopher Abrahams - Ciro Full Service Coffee Co.
2. Alhenrico Thomas - Famous Brands Coffee

Cup Tasters: (All finalists from Global Coffee Company!)
1. Teresa Schmidt
2. Gavin Wiese
3. Jerome Hendriks
4. Peter

Big thanks to Dylan Da Silva and Megan Muller and all the sponsors - Coffee & Chocolate Ultimate Water Nuova Simonelli South AfricaEquipment Cafe Almond Breeze South Africa LiquidConcepts The Coffee Magazine Fair Cape Dairies

Photos by: The Coffee Magazine