Meet Earl Higgins, the Eastern Cape Region’s Latte Art Champion for 2019

21 Oct 2019 | Coffee Competitions, Competitions, Eastern Cape, News, Regionals

Earl Higgins from Brioche Food & Coffee put in a magical performance to claim victory in the Latte Art discipline at 2019’s Eastern Cape Coffee Competitions. Meet the man who got the final nod from the judges.

Tell us a bit more about yourself? Where are you from? Where do you work? How did you get into coffee?
I’m Earl Higgins and I live in Walmer, in the Eastern Cape. I work for Brioche Food & Coffee. I was spotted and invited to work for Brioche Food & Coffee by the owner Ilse Stinnette Cole, I was serving her as a waiter and she offered me work and so my life began as a barista.

What a great win for you last week. Tell us a bit more what this win means to you?
I now have achieved a good coffee network. Both my understanding and career in the coffee industry has grown. I’m also now confident that I can train others and hopefully come up with my own blends.

Was this your first time competing? How did approach this competition and how long in advance to you start training?
This was not my first time competing? I’ve competed at a Latte Art Throwdown at Como Caffé, so entering SCASA’s Latte Art competition came with a little bit less nerves.

What are your interests outside of coffee?
I’m a family man, so when I’m not pouring Latte Art, I’m at home with my wife and kids.

The Eastern Cape Region Coffee Competitions were such an exciting event this year, tell us more about your experience overall and how it felt like competing?
Coming into this competition I already knew what I was up against. My approach was to be as perfect as possible. Practice makes perfect.

What is great about coffee in the Eastern Cape?
Is that Brioche Food & Coffee serves the best coffee in the Eastern Cape.

What is your favourite coffee at the moment, and why?
At the moment I would have to go with the Italian Tribeca brand, their medium dark roasted coffee for my espresso. It’s a nice bean to work with.

What is your favourite LA design at the moment and anything new you would like to attempt?
My favourite Latte Art pour at the moment would have to be a detailed swan. As for something new, I’m attempting to pour a 20 layer inverted tulip.
Thank you Earl, all the best with your preparations for Nationals.