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We would love for you to be a part of our mission and for only R680.00 a year, you can be!

At SCASA, we are passionate about growing the coffee industry as well as developing the skills and employment potential of those who work in the industry. If you are wanting to join us in this journey, please read on.

Our members are highly regarded and their support means the world to us and to what we are trying to achieve as an association.

Aside from financing regional and national barista competitions, we are working on developing more services for our members. We also have the intent to further develop website-related, interactive market services for our members and to produce a national Barista Standard.

If you are interested in helping to fund these actions, we are asking for special "voluntary" support from our members - to pay an additional R2,220.00 and therefore, a higher R2,900.00 annual subscription.

This support would provide members with a number of benefits which include:

  • Being recognised on the SCASA website, listed as a “Sponsor Member”
  • Having a member logo assigned to their name acting as a direct link to their website
  • Recognition within the “Commercial Directory” sector of the website. This section offers a range of categories, products and/or service under which members names will be listed, relating to their business as well as a link to their website

SCASA is a Section 2 Non Profit company with Registration Number 2007/010996/08.

Membership support for the association and the future developments for our Southern African coffee industry, is of course important to us all. Thus we can assure you that while the association feels it important to recognise its financial sponsors, that it does not in any way lessen the respect that the association shall continue to forward to all the its members.



Please contact for Sponsorship enquiries

Sponsorship opportunities for the 2017/2018 & 2018/2019 Competition cycles
The Speciality Coffee Association of Southern Africa (SCASA) would like to extend a sponsorship invitation to coffee related companies to participate in the annual coffee competitions for the next two competition cycles

SCASA Official OVERALL Sponsors
Sponsorship for 2 years coffee competition cycles
SCASA Diamond Sponsor | Naming rights for Competitions |R200 000 per cycle
SCASA Platinum Sponsor | Exclusive Sponsor within your business category |R100 000 per cycle
SCASA Gold Sponsor | Event Gold Sponsorship for competitions |R50 000 per cycle
SCASA Silver Sponsor | Event Silver Sponsorship for competitions |R25 000 per cycle
SCASA Bronze Sponsor | Event Bronze Sponsors for competitions |R15 000 per cycle
This Supplier Sponsorships are sponsorships that is essential in order to be able to run the competitions

Diamond Supplier Sponsors enjoy naming rights to competitions: Eg: The SCASA National Barista Championships presented by FNB
Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors company logo appear on the back wall at all the competitions and on all event marketing, SCASA website ( and email newsletter - in order of their ranking ie Diamond incorporated into the name, Platinum BIG and always at the top, followed by Gold and then Silver in decreasing size and position

Diamond, Platinum and Gold level Sponsors get to fully-integrate their products into the SCASA Coffee Theatre and competitions ie in 2015 Spar Full Cream Fresh Milk as Gold Sponsor was named as the Official Milk supplier to all SCASA Competitions for 2015 and the use of their milk was compulsory in the Latte Art competition, and Spar Full Cream Milk product was on stage throughout the Latte Art event and 80l of Milk was supplied to the Barista practise room at all 5 events in 2015

Platinum, Gold and Silver level Sponsors may run specific activations at the SCASA Coffee Theatre and competitions. Eg. in 2015 Monin and Almond Breeze as Silver Sponsors were allocated 1 hour slots as part of the Official SCASA programme on the SCASA main stage - the "Monin Minute" and "Almond Breeze Barista Smackdown" were mini events that utilized the entire SCASA infrastructure, personelle (SCASA Baristas, Judges, MC, DJ, Volunteers) and the brands' products, had full brand activation and audience participation

Official Supplier Sponsors get product placement on stage at the event they supply for, their names on the back wall at all the competitions and on all event marketing, SCASA website ( and email newsletter.
All Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsor members get the premium demo slots at the SCASA Brew bar at all events - 1 hour slots in the prime times!

SCASA Official SUPPLIER Sponsorship Opportunities:
Barista Championship
The most prestigious event. Baristas bring their skills to the stage to perform for 15 minutes with some of the best coffees the country has to offer
Supplier Sponsorship is invited to tender for and supply:
- Espresso Machine Supplier x 4 Machines required per competition, installation & technical assistance at each competition
- Grinder Supplier x 5 Grinders required per competition, technical support on standby
- Cleaning Kit Supplier x 2, cleaning tools, staff at all events
- Milk x 80l fresh full cream milk and branded Fridge per event
- Water filtration per machine, to be installed at each competition and water tests to be provided

Latte Art Championship
Latte Art is always a crowd-pleaser, the baristas have 8 minutes to pour the most beautiful and innovative milk designs that you can think of
- Espresso Machine x 3 Machines required per competition, installation & technical assistance at each competition
- Grinders x 3 required per competition, technical support on standby
- Cleaning Kit Supplier x 2, cleaning tools, staff at all events
- Milk Supplier – 80 liters fresh full cream milk and branded fridge per event
- Coffee Supplier – 5 kgs minimum per event and sponsorship of WLAC standard ceramic cups co-branded SCASA and Coffee Co.

Cup Tasters Championship
A test of the senses, the best coffee professionals in the business have to pick the odd one out of a line up of different coffees to claim the top prize
- Filter Machine Supplier x 6 Filter Machines and x 14 flasks
- Coffee as per competition rules and dedicated staff to work with SCASA Cup Tasters Competition Director to decide on competition coffees
- Cups (preferably ceramic) co-branded SCASA and Supplier Company

New Creative coffee competition sponsor | Coffee in good spirits
- A coffee competition where alcohol may be used to create creative drinks
- Mixology to be introduced and excitement to be created around cold and hot coffee and alcohol beverages
- This competition has not been introduced to South Africa and is a new initiate

Other important sponsorship opportunities
- During competition: lunches to volunteers
- Prizes and gifts for barista champions
- Gifts to judges
- Accommodation and flights to previous champions and current and upcoming head judges to attend competitions
- Educational courses at competitions
- Hosting international guests at competitions